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An asset management firm focused on alternative investments, market infrastructure inefficiencies, and event-driven opportunities

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Who We Are

Zeus Capital is an asset management firm focused on alternative investments, market infrastructure inefficiencies, and event-driven opportunities.

The emergence of a plethora of new asset classes and direct access of unsophisticated investors to the capital and crypto markets opened the door for a multitude of fraudulent investment schemes. Zeus Capital’s mission is to reveal the truth hidden by aggressive corporate accounting, flawed business models, and unethical practices of the teams controlling/owning these publicly traded assets. Our success is driven by an unparalleled combination of deep fundamental research, predictive analytical tools, and cutting-edge technology.

In order to prevent investors from falling into coordinated misconducts and shake off nascent industries and technologies from parasites, Zeus Capital is regularly publishing free in-depth analyses highlighting alpha-rich investment opportunities. We are a talented team of investment professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and scientists with more than 130 years of combined experience. Our world-class expertise brings together the art of investing in finance, mathematics, and computer science to assist our clients in achieving their financial aspirations.

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The Chainlink Fraud Exposed

The Chainlink Fraud Exposed

An investigative report on why Chainlink is the Crypto's Wirecard.

View the report here.

Download link: click here.

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What We Do

Asset Management

Zeus Capital manages a private fund on behalf of external clients and principals, taking both long and short positions in support of our research. We invest across a broad set of asset classes that we believe have abnormally large disparities between intrinsic and market value.

Proprietary Trading

Focusing on assets offered on multiple trading venues, we have deployed proprietary low latency arbitrage-capturing algorithms. Additionally, we are market makers for a range of derivative products in the alternative asset space.

Independent Research

Once we develop a coherent and complete investment thesis, we publish a free public report to inform the investing community of our findings. The Internet has afforded an opportunity to small, unaffiliated investors like us to leapfrog the big banks and investment fund behemoths, with their conflicts of interest, and obtain unbiased information on publicly-traded investments.

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Our Philosophy

We deploy a wide range of uncorrelated strategies in an attempt to simultaneously capture market inefficiencies while remaining unconstrained by a particular investment style. Our toolbox include:

  • Discretionary long/short positions in digital assets, equities, fixed-income instruments, and alternative investments based on thorough fundamental, event-driven and forensic investment analysis;
  • Systematic trading strategies exploiting infrastructure- and statistical-arbitrage by deploying proprietary algorithms and tracking alternative data sources for deviations.

We are keen on exploring assets that are struggling to attract investors due to size limitation or complexity, or projects/companies that have created a strong, yet misleading narrative around their brands. The large divergence between intrinsic and market values in these investments presents an excellent opportunity for active investors to generate abnormal returns.

For our asset-specific investments, the decision-making process combines thorough fundamental, quantitative, and investigative analysis. By utilizing hard-to-find alternative sources of information, data-intensive approaches, and feedback from industry experts and operational users we get to the big picture and reveal new perspectives. We rigorously research the technology behind each project, operating and executive teams, and size of the addressable market to arrive at a range of intrinsic values for each investment. We often look for projects that may have any combination of:

  • Disseminating misleading information about the state of development or commercialization, eventually causing unsophisticated investors to purchase overpriced or redundant investments;
  • Undisclosed regulatory or product failures; sudden changes in the competitive landscape or emergence of superior product/service substitutes;
  • Conflicting interest between stakeholders leading to a feedback loop which results in a rapid price appreciation/depreciation which is not grounded to the actual economics of the project/company;
  • Relatively small, overlooked investments, pioneering new business models or innovative products.
Our macro and arbitrage strategies are based on state-of-art algorithms, optimized for quick and efficient execution.

At Zeus Capital, we pride ourselves on our independence and the quality of work delivered. We hope our track record and publicly-available reports speaks for itself.

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The surge in new financial vehicles combined with the ever-growing complexity of the financial markets and unprecedented access the unsophisticated investors have to it present excellent conditions for Ponzi schemes, price manipulations, and other forms of fraud to thrive.

Zeus Capital encourages any parties with information pertaining to misconduct across the capital or crypto markets to fill a report with the appropriate regulatory body. We also understand first-hand the burden whistleblowers sometimes face for revealing these frauds. To leverage our experience in undercovering such misconducts, Zeus Capital is willing to act as intermediaries in providing information to regulators and reporting the issues to the investment public in a diligent way.

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