Industry Insider Exposes Chainlink’s Fraudulent ‘Partnership-as-a-Marketing’ Scheme

Posted on August 04, 2020

Last week we shed light on the true nature of Chainlink’s “partnership”.

We subsequently received dozens of stories by industry insiders on the inner workings of how the Chainlink propaganda machine works. We shall be releasing the interview as they were conducted but will anonymize to a certain extend the participant to spare them trolling of the so-called LINK marines which defend their pump-and-dump fraud in a true Stalinist manner.

Today we are joined by an industry professional who held a senior position at Callisto Network and was responsible for the due diligence process for the Callisto-Chainlink partnership.

1. What was the benefit of Callisto integrating the Chainlink Oracles?

We were supposed to get a "Cross-Marketing" benefits, Chainlink was supposed to push the partnership.

2. Has the integration ever been completed?

No. There was no real integration. "Tech integration" per se didn't exist.

3. Who was in favor of announcing the partnership - did you reach out to Chainlink or it was the other way around? If Chainlink approached you, how did that happen?

We saw that Chainlink was announcing big partnerships and small ones (a lot of). We sent an email as many more with interesting companies/platforms out there to reach out to. The email contained detailed information on why we believe an integration/partnership/relation could be a benefit for both of us. Normally, this kind of deals/offerings takes a while until you get an answer. There is a lot of DD and internal discussions to do before accepting a partnership. In this case, Chainlink answered the same day.

4. How long has the press release been prepared?

Just a couple of days. We got a draft and we had to complete it.

5. Were you or your company offered some benefits (LINK or any other assets) for publishing the partnership announcement?

No, it was supposed to be a non paid but a cross-marketing deal to push it hard during some weeks.

6. Who had the final word on the press release's content? Were there any specific points that the press release must have contained (points/topics demanded by Chainlink)?

Definitely Chainlink. We sent a document (That I wrote my self with the help of the CTO) and it was "rejected". They just wanted to "keep it simple" and they asked to make a copy of an example - (It was first presented as a "Partnership" and then it was edited to "Integration")

7. What happened after the announcement?

Nothing at all. There was no tech involved, no other contacts, no answers. Simple as that. It was just a piece of paper published.

8. Was there any use case or did you do any kind of business with Chainlink after announcing the partnership? Did you use their service and in what way?

No business, no use case, no nothing. We didn't use their services as they never contacted us again nor answered.

9. Why did you decide to do this interview?

Because I have 5 years on the industry and I'm tired of seeing "projects" that harms the ecosystem both on short-term (exit scam) and long term (pyramidal schemes) as well to wipe out things that are useless and meaningless and the only thing they do is to scare out investors.

I have tried to get funding for my products for a year now. It's been hard since all this ICO - IEO - Exit scams - Pyramidal Schemes have scared away a lot of investors. It's irritating to see this kind of useless products to raise millions in a matter of seconds while others are working for an entire year and fail to get 100K in exchange for real equity shares sell.

Bottom line

The insights shared here give a first-hand account that proves once again that the majority of Chainlink “integrations” are simply PR stunts that are never meant to happen. Instead of developing the technology and building actual use cases, SmartContract’s attention is occupied by the machination of endless bogus partnerships whose sole purpose is to further inflate the already absurd LINK valuation.

The only beneficiaries of the scheme are Chainlink’s insiders who are able to dump their otherwise useless “utility” tokens to a group of unsophisticated investors at an ever-growing price.

Read our investigative report about Chainlink.

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