Chainlink fears competition so much... and they should

It is a commoditized service worth close to zero

Posted on September 11, 2020

Chainlink Wants to be Kingpin of Oracles

In open markets, competition boosts innovation and improves the quality of products and services to the benefit of consumers and businesses. In the absence of competition, a single entity dominates the market, which leads to high cost for consumers, inferior products and services, and corrupt behaviour. A monopolistic company can set prices, bypass the natural laws of supply and demand and use the dominance to its advantage, and at the expense of others. A monopolized market is unfair, unequal and inefficient.

Chainlink desperately wants to be that monopolist which dominates the oracle services, circumventing open market mechanisms through a series of manipulations. Its success so far has been made possible by speculative capitalists who created an artificial ecosystem of interdependent companies reliant on Chainlink price feed data. Outside of this construct, Chainlink cannot compete in a free market with its flawed technology and broken tokenomics that makes it prohibitively expensive. We know for certain that big DeFi projects such as MakerDAO and Compound will never use Chainlink.

Without actual competitive advantage and knowing that the market will soon be saturated with more efficient and sustainable solutions, Chainlink fears competition and will do everything in its power to stifle it. This is evident from the time and effort they put in launching artillery barrages of hate at projects flagged as rivals.

Band is the Enemy

The unprovoked aggression against Band has intensified following the price correction of $LINK that started on September 1, exposing the dread of losing market share to an "inferior" project.

Let's start with the superstars. JunkoSuzuki, one of the prominent "leaders" of the Link Marines, again demonstrates a complete lack of emotional self-control. That price correction must have hit hard.

ChainlinkGod has been very active in exposing Band's shortcomings.

We bet he knows well when a project is lying about integrations. After all, Chainlink’s high impact announcements featuring widely recognizable names like Google, Oracle, and T-Systems are simply outright lies about the size and type of the relationships.

ChainlinkGod has is also heavily invested in constantly drawing comparisons between Band and Chainlink.

If Chainlink is confident in its superior technology and economics, why would they spend resources for creating a 7500 words plea attempting to convince the public how broken Band is?

Link Whale has become very active during the price dip, too, constantly spamming Twitter.

Besides the profiles with higher visibility, random Chainlink trolls have also taken their turn flaming Band in a less sophisticated manner:

The few Chainlink authentic members left (who are not paid or brainwashed) disgusted by what the community has become.

The hate is not reserved only for direct competitors though.

Vain Hopes To Become The Next ETH

The LINK Marines are continually attacking alternative projects, both from fear that they may lose investors to them and from forlorn hopes that they can actually reach Top 2 and displace Ethereum. Ripple, currently ranking third in terms of market cap, is probably the largest thorn in Chainlink’s side. The two projects do not compete directly but this does not stop General Sergey’s paid "soldiers" from entering into an imaginary race with the invincible XRP Army.

During the Zeus Liquidation Pump, active LINK Marines have begged the rest of the community to sell their XRP and buy LINK instead. One could easily assume that it was all intending to destroy Zeus Capital, but the appeals continued even after the pump was over.

We should not disregard the fact that 2020 was a significant year for XRP, which outpaced Tether to become the third most valuable crypto asset in terms of market cap. According to Nainmetrics, the main reason for this unexpected surge was an increase in the number of wallets holding between 1 million and 10 million XRP.

However, the LINK Marines for years have believed that their beloved token would be "the next Ethereum". Isn’t this enough of a reason to declare war on every project that stands on their way to Top 2? Definitely!

What is their "strategy", though? Basically, unfounded hate, hate, and more hate. Twitter, Telegram, 4chan, and even Reddit are all platforms that the LINK Marines use to disseminate intolerance towards Ripple. It starts from innocuous comments calling XRP a shitcoin and evolves into desperate requests, described as "friendly advice", for everyone to sell their bags of XRP and buy LINK instead. There is nothing friendly in Chainlink’s game, however. Everything this project does is driven by Sergey’s and his flock’s greed and vain illusions. Today it is Ripple, but tomorrow may be any other crypto project which by daring to get ahead of Chainlink will condemn itself on ceaseless hate attacks.


Chainlink relies mainly on gullible, unsophisticated investors who they can easily lure into following the masses. This is how the Russian ponzi scheme has quickly managed to build hate artillery firing at Band and Ripple. Competition is good for everyone, as it pushes projects to innovate and reinvent themselves to better serve their customers. Chainlink fears competition because it lacks competitive advantage and relies on manipulations and corrupt practices.

We have witnessed how Chainlink recently managed to pump LINK’s price by sacrificing people’s wellbeing for personal (Sergey’s) gain. Such a plan, however, is not sustainable in the long-run as burnt once, even not so smart investors will never return. Eventually, Chainlink will be stuck with its usual herd of paid, underaged sheep and Sergey’s hopes for Top 2 will disappear as quickly as LINK’s price will hit zero.

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